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Hula the Big Tooth Monster

Donald is your average 9-year-old boy. He scares the meatloaf out of everyone at Seaside Elementary School including Principal Squires. You see, Donald, is none other than Hula the Big Tooth Monster. He becomes a powerful monster and even possesses the ability to become invisible being a daily mischievous nightmare to all at Seaside Elementary. His classmate Jeremy has had enough and constructs a plan to stop him bringing Hula the Big Tooth Monster to an end. Who will win the battle? A captivating story that sets your imagination free! Grade Level 3-5

Principal Squires Pants On Fire

Principal Squires is shaping up to be the worst principal ever. Little is known about her, which makes her all the more weird and creepy. She is grumpy, mean and carries a megaphone throughout the school yelling at everyone. She runs her school with an iron-fist and you would most likely want to avoid being a student at Seaside Elementary School at all costs. Her defining moment comes when her pants are caught on fire and she truly needs help. After this ordeal she learns to soften up which occasionally shines through when students encounter her now. Grade Level 3-5

Duped Dino Dig

Welcome to Seaside, the elementary school of your nightmares. How can a principal be so mean? Principal Squires is one of a kind. She can silence a room with one word or a deadly stare. Find out in this remarkable, adventurous, and funny story how the 3rd graders manage to fool her by pretending to dislike their new teacher in order to keep her. This story empowers children even when they are faced with someone as challenging as Principal Squires. Grade Level 3-5

Bella Boo Rescues Seaside School

Bella Boo Rescues Seaside School is a must-read for anyone who has ever experienced the love of a dog. The story is a masterpiece on conveying the meaning and joy that comes from helping a once-homeless animal feel secure, loved, and part of the family. Every dog deserves a forever home. Find out how Bella Boo finds his! Grade Level 3-5

Ady Pooh Pooh Mind Magiuc

Ady Pooh Pooh is a 7-year-old girl who uses her mysterious, magical mind power to help the staff and students at Seaside School.

She is often found sitting alone during lunch time as she watches and reads the thoughts of others, so that she can assist them.

Find out who needs Ady Pooh Pooh’s help! Grade Level: K-2

Summer Troubles At Camp Pillow

The second grade students of Seaside School find themselves facing all kinds of trouble during their stay at Camp Pillow. What will their final pillow projects look like if that are unable to get along, make new friends, and stand up to the school bully? Find out!  Grade Level: 5th & 6th

Nap Time at Seaside School

There always comes that time of day, when the students at Seaside School want to nap their lives away. They are tired, and they can’t wait to rest. Once they are rested, they will do their best. The students gather their blankets, special toys and stuffed animals as they find their special spots. Their teacher reminds them to use their imaginations and dream big dreams. Journey with the students into their world of dreams in this funny & delightful offbeat read. Grade Level K-2

Roxie finds her Happiness

This is a story about a beautiful little girl named Roxanne. Many call her Roxie. While at school, Roxie is often teased about how she looks and about her stuttering.

I created this story and book to help children find their spark within, become loving of ones-self, and learn how to be the best person they can be. Purchase your copy to read and learn how Roxie finds her happiness.

Debra and Butternut: Nuts About You!

This is a story of what happens when a woman and a beloved squirrel match wits – with hilarious results.